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Enjoy dedicated and experienced
Financial Advisory at your fingertips


This includes strategic advice on company sales, mergers and acquisitions, and tailor-made credit structuring (Corporate Finance) for strategic transactions and projects across Europe – the EU, and Switzerland.

We help you to improve your finance structures, resulting in higher lending quotes through dedicated solutions.


For Entrepreneurs looking to expand through Mergers and Acquisitions, we stand ready not only for reliable advice in the Corporate Structuring of small and mid-sized SMEs (MBIs) but also offer tailor-made and cost-efficient funding solutions as innovative concepts that are optimized to the needs of your company.

Whether Venture Capital, Venture Debt, Private Equity, or other funding sources – we are your trusted partner with an excellent Banking Network.


A Bridge Finance is closing the Gap between the Purchase of Goods and later Sales based on already fixed and signed contracts. A Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee issued through a leading Bank having a good rating from your Counterpart is used as Collateral.

We offer such Finance Options for Trade Activities but also for Property Investments. Just speak to us to find out more.


If it comes to Exports, covering Trade or Credit Insurance is vital. As usual, there are various options you may consider, depending on your needs.


A Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee reduces the risks occurring from any Trade. A Letter of Credit mitigates the risk and functions as a safeguard for both parties of a transaction, providing insurance if one cannot carry out the conditions established under a contract. With good relationships with top Banks worldwide,  we can advise and assist you in handling and order execution.

Handling and Monitoring

Experience Integrated Solutions in Trade Finance – Payment Advances, Application of Letters-of-Credit, Handling, and Insurance. Why not call us?


The Handling of Letters-of-Credit is complex but offers enormous flexibility. However, it’s essential that a Financial Advisor is taken care of as a vast experience and sound knowledge are required. Please speak to us.


Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) emerged in 2015 as a new way of public funding through blockchain technology. Developers offer new coins or tokens for sale through an ICO or ITO in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or FIAT currencies. Everything seems possible. However, Governments across the Globe took a more rigid stance against ICOs to prevent unregulated and/or fraudulent ICOs. Therefore, the first step is the most important – find out more about legal and compliance requirements.

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