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Letters-of-credit are still one of the most versatile and widely used payment mechanisms in international trade and whether you import or export, settlement by means of a letter of credit can provide a high level of security. Nevertheless many corporate customers may consider Letters-of-Credit administratively cumbersome, and difficult to procure.

Overcoming these perceived obstacles requires professional guidance and technical assistance through experienced Professionals. We take on the Handling of Letters-of-Credit. It is common to use LC´s in all cross-border Trade Activities.

We help you secure a Letter-of-Credit and manage the entire process: Application, Handling and Pay-Out.

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How Letters-of-Credit work

Sometimes referred to as a documentary credit, a letter of credit acts a promissory note from a financial institution, usually a bank. It represents an obligation taken on by a bank to make a payment once certain criteria are met. After these terms are completed and confirmed, the bank will transfer the funds. The letter of credit ensures the payment will be made as long as the services are performed as indicated.

For example, if someone receives an order from a new client, the wholesaler has no way of knowing whether this new client can fulfill its payment obligations. Hence, it requests a letter of credit be provided in the purchasing contract.

The purchasing then company applies for a letter of credit at a bank where it already has funds or a line of credit (LOC). The bank issuing the letter of credit holds payment on behalf of the buyer until it receives confirmation that the goods in the transaction have been shipped. After the goods have been shipped, the bank would pay the wholesaler its due as long as the terms of the sales contract are met, such as delivery before a certain time or confirmation from the buyer that the goods were received undamaged and as specified.

Basically, the letter of credit substitutes the bank’s credit for that of its client, ensuring correct and timely payment.

Source: Investopia.

Which Type of Letter-of-Credit is right for me?

Letters of credit are still quite common in international trade and cover a wider range of individual needs. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that various forms exist. Even red-clause-agreements are possible.

Furthermore, it is the most suitable way of safeguarding your trade.


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