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Reverse Factoring

Gain Liquidity through Reverse Factoring

We offer, additionally or as an alternative to the traditional way of factoring, Reverse Factoring as a means of financing your purchases.

This solution gives you suitable finance facilities, protects you from occuring risks and can be utilized without rendering the debtor management by RIALTO FINANCE. The entire debtor management will remain in your hands from invoicing to issuing reminders up to a certain point.

With the right funding line, it is possible to carry out advantageous transactions in commodities with various distributors within an agreed purchase limit. Normally, the purchase limit involves commercial credit insurances (checking an insurance limit). Therefore creditworthiness of commercial customers plays a main role.

The further handling is similar to traditional factoring solutions. You will receive a quoted amount of funds value ex date of invoice on agreed terms and within the accepted limits. You would not need to use or strech your current accounts. You will be still overseeing the management of the debtors. With each new transaction you will have quick access to funding – always within your agreed funding limit.

Imagine your bills be paid on three to five days after due date. This is our understanding of “optimized financing” and we believe to have the right solution for you too.

As a surplus we may take over the risk of default (del credere risk).

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